Reduce Risk, Create Something People Want

An intensive 2-day workshop to help you develop your idea into a product or service that people will pay for.

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Who's This For?

People with ideas, founders who are struggling to get traction, and existing startups that want to improve product offering. 

This workshop is a good fit for you if:

1. You want to make sure the problem you’re solving for your customers is important enough to make a sustainable business from.

2. You’re not sure what questions to ask customers to help ensure you’re building the right product for them, and you’d like feedback from experienced people.

3. If you think you have more than one customer, you want to understand what matters to each or understand which customer to focus your efforts on first.

4. You want to further develop your in-person, online, and social media validation techniques, and access a bunch of good resources

5. You want to get guidance from experienced mentors to make key decisions about moving forward and meet other founders on the same path as you.

Why should you do this workshop?

Learn tried and true market validation methods to take your idea to a reality and develop a superior product. You will learn techniques and get the support needed to:

  • Carry out effective initial customer development and market research to find the best starting point for your idea
  • Implement customer feedback loops and developing critical thinking to ensure ongoing customer development
  • Get over initial fears of talking to people about your idea, and shift into the mindset of identifying problems and using feedback to build the best solution
  • Find your first customers or grow existing customer base
  • Understand your customers better than they understand themselves using behavioral psychology principles
  • Identify the key benefits and features for your first version of the product (MVP), or to improve your current product offering
  • Use technology to expand customer development and gain insights based on customer behaviour and analytics
  • Process learning from market validation and use them to inform product, brand and marketing decisions


You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced founders and market validation experts. Get the best insights into how to effectively transition an idea into something that people will pay for, and/or significantly improve the way you develop products.

Natalie Robinson Natalie Robinson, Mum’s Garage founder
Natalie has extensive experience with start-up market validation having worked with startups specifically in this area for the last 2yrs.
Carl Thompson Carl Thompson, Co-founder Bronami, TradeGecko & Cactus Insurance
Carl has used the market validation techniques covered in this workshop to build and grow multiple successful startups. He’s also an experienced startup mentor with a  focus on customer discovery.
Mark Hayes Nelson Shaw, Developer and Founder
Nelson is exceptional at validating product concepts online using analytics, landing pages and digital marketing techniques to determine the opportunities that exist for an idea.
Tina Moore Liam Houlahan, Founder Survey Bot
Liam will cover how you can use Facebook bots to validate your idea, as well as sharing concepts for validating a product idea by hacking together existing solutions (minimal viable product).
Isikeli Raicebe Marketing Analytics with Isikeli Raicebe, Analytics Specialist
10+ years designing and implementing digital analytics strategies and frameworks across multiple verticals in New Zealand and Australia.
Yi Wei TradeGecko Agile Marketing Framework with Yi Wei, TradeGecko
Senior growth lead at TradeGecko, Yi Wei takes us through the new developing concept of agile marketing and how to make it work within your startup.
Team Workshop
Time to put it all into practice! One problem, several teams, and only one winner. The team workshop will help you put everything you learn into context.

+ more speakers to be announced.

Schedule – Day 1

 What is market validation
Understanding the stages and process of market validation.

Mindset shift
Learn how to accept feedback and think in a way that challenges your assumptions.

Understand Your Customer / Customer Discovery
Learn how to use customer insights to build a superior product.

Customer Discovery Interviews 
Build out your strategy for doing valuable customer interviews.

How to collect data
Tips and tricks to collecting interview data.

Tips from those who have done it
Hear what other founders have to say about market validation and why it’s so important.

Schedule – Day 2

Data Review
Reviewing key insights and processing findings

Quantitative Analysis
Using digital tools to collect bigger data
(Landing pages, surveys, A/B testing, analytics and more)

Always Be Validating
Tools and practices to consistently collect feedback from customers

Competitor Analysis
Learn what’s working for your competitors and what’s not.

Applying Learnings
Refining your product market fit and go-to-market strategy based on your learnings.

50% Subsidy thanks to NZTE

You can qualify for a 50% subsidy from NZTE under their Regional Business Partner Network, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Apply for the Capability Voucher Scheme here. Please get in touch with Natalie (natalie@mumsgarage.com) if you have any questions or need help working this out.

Reserve Your Spot

Seats are limited. Grab yours today!


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