Learn modern marketing techniques to grow your business

An intensive three-day digital marketing workshop
31st August – 2nd Sept, 2018

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Your Teachers

Branding with Natalie Robinson - Mum’s Garage
Natalie has extensive experience with start-up market validation having worked with startups specifically in this area for the last 2yrs.
Carl Thompson Content marketing with Carl Thompson - Contento
Carl has used the market validation and digital marketing techniques covered in this workshop to build and grow multiple successful startups. He’s also an experienced startup mentor with a focus on content and customer discovery.
Mark Hayes Growth Hacking with Mark Hayes - Rocketshp
Mark has spent many years honing his skills in digital marketing and growth hacking. His agency Rocketshp specialises in creative digital solutions that drive traction.
Tina Moore Social Media Marketing with Tina Moore - NZME
Magazine editor turned PR guru, turned Facebook specialist. Tina will demystify the dark arts of Facebook marketing and advertising.
SEO and Website Optimisation with Liam Bates - Inbound Marketing
Liam works with some of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand. He’ll be teaching the fundamentals of SEO and building a high performing website that attracts and converts customers.
Influencer Marketing with Jun Combridge - Astral Collective
Social media and influencer marketing are some of the marketing pillars that has lead Astral into the success it is today. Jun will share with you the secrets to successful influencer marketing.
Yi Wei TradeGecko Agile Marketing Framework with Yi-Wei Ang - TradeGecko
Senior growth lead at TradeGecko, Yi Wei takes us through the new developing concept of agile marketing and how to make it work within your startup.
Sunday - Special Guests
Special guests will be roaming on Sunday to assist you in developing your own marketing strategy.

+ more speakers to be announced.

Schedule – Day 1

Friday evening:
5:30pm to 9:00pm

Natalie Robinson & Carl Thompson

Covering foundation topics:

What is market validation
Understanding the stages and process of market validation.

Mindset shift
Learn how to accept feedback and think in a way that challenges your assumptions.

Understand Your Customer / Customer Discovery
Learn how to use customer insights to build a superior product.

Differentiate yourself through your brand
Learn how to develop your unique value proposition through your brand, so you stand out to the right customers.

Tips from those who have done it
Hear what other founders have to say about market validation and why it’s so important.

Schedule – Day 2

9:00am to 5:00pm

Marc Hayes – Growth Hacking
Tina Moore – Facebook Strategies
Jun Combridge – Influencer Marketing
Carl Thompson – Content Marketing
TBC – SEO & Website Optimisation
TBC – Agile Marketing Management

Diving into topics:

Customer acquisition
Learn how to acquire customers through the most appropriate channels for your business. We’ll deep dive into Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and other innovative ideas for acquiring customers.

Marketing Techniques
Learn specific techniques, tips and tools across all major facets of digital marketing. You’ll learn how each of these parts works together for a successful strategy.

Marketing Strategy
Learn how to put together and manage your overall marketing strategy, so you can focus on doing the highest impact tasks well.

Schedule – Day 3

9:00am to 3:00pm

Build your marketing strategy 
Build your business’s digital marketing strategy with support from experienced mentors and feedback from others in the workshop. Get questions answered and help to set yourself up to be able to start executing on this strategy straight away.

Who's This For?

  • Startups and young companies with a scaleable product, looking for fast growth
  • Marketers working inside companies
  • People working on an idea who are pre-execution (the principles learned will fast-track your idea)
  • Owners of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Anyone wanting to apply the latest growth hacking techniques to their day jobs


This workshop is a good fit for you if:

  1. You want to further develop your in-person, online, and social media lead generation techniques; and access a bunch of good resources.
  2. You’re wanting to learn how to scale your business using the latest digital marketing strategies.
  3. Wanting to learn how to validate an idea and take it to market.
  4. You want to get guidance from experienced mentors to make key decisions about moving forward and meet other founders on the same path as you.

Why should you do this workshop?

Learn tried and true market validation and marketing methods to take your business to the next level. You will learn techniques and get the support needed to:

  • Validate your concepts and prove your market.
  • Learn how to craft a meaningful brand.
  • Define your unique value proposition and market positioning.
  • Craft a do-able marketing strategy for your business.


You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced founders and market validation experts. Get the best insights into how to effectively transition an idea into something that people will pay for, and/or significantly improve the way you develop products.

You’ll Leave With:

  1. The tools and learnings needed to create a better marketing strategy for your company
  2. Practical experience
  3. New mentors and friends on the same path as you

50% Subsidy thanks to NZTE

You can qualify for a 50% subsidy from NZTE under their Regional Business Partner Network, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Apply for the Capability Voucher Scheme here.

Please get in touch with Natalie (natalie@mumsgarage.com) if you have any questions or need help working this out.

Reserve Your Spot

Seats are limited. Grab yours today!


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